DM Consunji Inc. Power Corp. declared persona non grata in Romblon

by Lenie Lectura, 01 July 2015
from BusinessMirror

DM Consunji Inc. Power Corp. (DPC) was declared a persona non grata in the province of Romblon for blocking a power project in Tablas.

The local government of Romblon is blaming DPC for the rotating brownouts in the province because it is opposing the 8.8-megawatt (MW) diesel-fired generators put up by Sunwest Water and Electric Co. (Suweco), a company controlled by Elizalde Co.

The diesel-power facility is meant as an interim solution to the power woes in Tablas, while Suweco completes its hydropower project.

Suweco already signed a power-supply agreement with Tablas Island Electric Cooperative Inc. (Tielco) for the supply of power in the latter’s franchise area. DPC opposed this by filing a motion for intervention before the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). The motion, according to the Office of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Romblon, prevented the operation of the 8-MW diesel plant and the delivery of stable power supply in Tablas island.

“It has been hampered and delayed to the detriment, damage and prejudice to more or less 200,000 inhabitants of Tablas Island.”

“The motion to dismiss filed by DPC in its intervention, constitutes an insult to the common tao’s physical, mental and moral well-being, and that, suffice it to say, of the provincial, municipal and barangay leadership who have been mandated by law to protect the welfare and well-being of its people,” Resolution 06-2015-117 stated.

When sought for comment, ERC Executive Director Francis Saturnino Juan said the motion to dismiss filed by DPC is already submitted for resolution by the commission. “In the meantime, the ERC already acted on the matter by allowing Suweco to temporarily operate and provide power to Tielco,” he said in a text message.

There’s a four-hour to five-hour brownout in Tielco’s franchise area.

The additional energy to be sourced from the 8-MW diesel plant is projected to alleviate the daily power outage, which is currently causing economic losses and sever disruptions in the day-to-day activities of the residents.

“Whatever actions the DPC may pursue in order to show off their might, power and connections in high places, to harass Tielco and Suweco and further prolong the sufferings and agony of the people of Tablas Island, will be considered as highly immoral, and the motive behind the intervention being malicious, baseless, and false representation, tantamount to antipoor and antigrowth and development,” the resolution further stated.

DPC has yet to issue a comment.

This is the second controversy hounding DMCI, the developer of the controversial Torre de Manila condominium building.

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