Aboitiz coal plant in Davao City to shut down again for one month

by Manuel CayonMay 25, 2016

from Business Mirror

DAVAO CITY—Therma South Inc. (TSI), an Aboitiz subsidiary operating the group’s power facilities here, said it would be shutting down one of its two operating units for one month to make it reliable for the incoming rainy season expected to be exacerbated by La Niña.

TSI said its coal plant will undergo a four-week planned shutdown of one of its two 150-megawatt units starting on June 18.

“TSI’s Unit 2 will undergo a maintenance shutdown starting June 18, while Unit 1 will be scheduled later in 2016,” it said in a statement.

“We are confident that after this outage, TSI should be better equipped to reliably meet the needs of our customers, as the rainy season begins in Mindanao. We will try our best to keep the duration of this interruption to a minimum,” TSI President and COO Sebastian R. Lacson said.

 The TSI said “power plants have planned shutdowns for them to run optimally and reliably.”
 TSI added that it coordinated its schedule with the Mindanao system operator of the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines last year, so its maintenance works will be conducted ahead of other power plants in Mindanao.
The Aboitiz-owned Davao Light and Power Co., which has a 100-megawatt supply contract with one of the two units, said it “should be able to avoid implementing rotating brownouts,” but did not elaborate.

Last month an emergency shutdown by the TSI due to a toppled transmission tower in Lanao del Sur forced Davao Light to implement as long as five hours of brownout daily.

The long brownouts were also forced by the reduced water level at the Lanao Lake and its draining outlet at the Agus River, which has six hydroelectric power plants, and in the Pulangui River, which has one hydroelectric plant.

This time, though, brownouts have been discarded following the onset of the rains.