A Brown unit on track to complete power plants

by Alena Mae S. Flores – October 11, 2016 at 11:15 pm

from Manila Standard Today

Peakpower Energy Inc., a company controlled by listed A Brown Co. Inc., is on track to complete its three oil-fired power plants in Mindanao with a combined capacity of nearly 30 megawatts.

Data from the Energy Department showed the 13.94-megawatt bunker fired power expansion project Peakpower Soccsargen Inc. in General Santos City was set for completion this year.

Peakpower Soccsargen earlier completed a 20.9-megawatt bunker-fired power plant in Barangay Apopong, General Santos City.

The power plant, located within the compound of South Cotabato II Electric Cooperative, will supply the peaking power requirements of the cooperative over the next 15 years.

The two other projects namely Peakpower San Francisco’s 5.2-MW bunker fired project in Agusan del Sur and Peakpower Bukidnon’s 10.4-MW are set for completion next year.

Peakpower Bukidnon is a party to a 15-year build-operate-maintain and transfer agreement with Bukidnon II Electric Cooperative.

A Brown previously announced it was consolidating all peaking projects under one holding company, Peakpower Energy.

Peakpower Energy was set up to implement projects designed to generate peaking energy spread across various electric cooperatives in Mindanao and the Visayas.

These are also build-operate-maintain-and-transfer arrangements for brand new bunker-fired engines with terms of 15 years.

A Brown owns a 20 percent equity interest in Peakpower Energy.

Peakpower Energy is a joint venture of A Brown, Enterprise Holdings Corp., WorldPower Alliance Ltd. and Power Mavens Holdings Ltd.

Peakpower’s power plant can run on heavy fuel oil as main fuel and light fuel oil as back-up source. They are designed and developed for continuous operation and/or for peaking operation with high efficiency rates.

The plant is modular in design that enables it to be optimized for specific needs of the project, utilizing well-proven standard units and components.