8 firms bid for geothermal sites

by Alena Mae S. Flores, 04 May 2015
from Manila Standard Today

The Energy Department said it received eight bids for two new geothermal sites and 31 for 14 hydro areas offered under an open and competitive selection process.

Energy director Mario Marasigan said the number of bidders reflected a “huge turnout.”

“We have eight bids for geothermal and 31 bids for hydro and we’re very happy with the turnout,” he said.

The department offered four areas for geothermal exploration and development, but only two areas received bids. Of the 17 hydro areas offered, 14 received bids, he said.

Marasigan said the bidders should pass the pre-qualification process such as legal, technical and financial stages.

“Winning bidders will be announced on Sept. 4,” he said.

The energy official said most bidders were local companies, with some of them having foreign joint venture partners.

Marasigan said geothermal projects would take longer to develop than hydro projects, but both projects would have the same development cost of $2.5 million to $3 million per megawatt.

The two geothermal sites that received bids are Area 2 (Southern Leyte geothermal prospect) and Area 3 (Amacan geothermal prospect).

Repower Energy Development Corp., Cabalian Bay Co. and AP Renewables Inc. submitted bids for Area 2, while Repower, APC Energy Resources, Emerging Power Inc., Energy Development Corp. and Biliran Geothermal Inc. submitted bids for Area 3.

The department did not receive bids for Area 1 (Acupan-Itogon area) and Area 4  (Balut Island).

“The areas that did not receive bids will be opened for direct negotiation,” Marasigan said.

Marasigan said for hydro areas, Area 1 (Madongan 1 hydro project) received four bids from Pachyro Energy Inc., Clean N Green Energy Solutions, FGS Renewable Energy and Alternergy Hydro Partners.

Area 2 (Madongon 2 hydro project) received bids from FGS Renewable and Alternergy Hydro while Area 3 (Solsona hydro project) received bids from FGS Renewable and Alternergy Hydro.

Area 4 (Bingongan-Tineg hydro project) received bids from FGS Renewable and First Gen Mindanao.  Area 7 (Ilog hydro project) , drew interest from Trans Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp., FGS Renewable and Almana Power.

Area 8 (Binalbagan 1 hydro project) generated bids from Southeast Asia Mining & Power and Almana Power.  Almana Power was the lone bidder for  Area 9 (Binalbagan 2)  and Area 10 (Binulug hydro).

Area 12 (Tubig hydro project) received bids from Vivant Energy, FGS Renewable,  Almana,  Iraya Energy and Renagmec Power Corp.


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