First Gen: Gas plant back on line

by Lenie LecturaSeptember 28, 2016

from Business Mirror

FIRST Gen Corp.  on Wednesday  said one of its gas plants is now back on line.

“Further  to  our disclosures  dated August 23 and September 1, please   be   advised   that Unit 20 of the 1,000-megawatt [MW] Santa   Rita Combined  Cycle Power   Plant is now back in operation,” the Lopez-led firm reported

This after it replaced the unit’s damaged main generator transformer with the spare main transformer.

Unit 20 is a 250-MW unit of 4 units of the Santa Rita Power   Plant  operated by First Gas Power Corp. (FGPC), a subsidiary of First Gen Corp.

Last month, First Gen reported a fault occurred at the main generator transformer of Unit 20.

The other gas plants of First Gen subsidiaries in Batangas are the 500-MW San Lorenzo of FGP Corp.,  the new 97-MW Avion open-cycle natural gas-fired power plant of Prime Meridian Powergen Corp., and the 414-MW San Gabriel combined cycle natural-gas plant of First NatGas Power  Corp.