DOE grants ‘confirmation of commerciality’ to solar projects with 638MW

by Myrna Velasco – November 17, 2015

from Manila Bulletin

Roughly 638 megawatts capacity of 17 solar projects had already been given certificates of “confirmation of commerciality” by the Department of Energy.

That was culled from a status report issued by the department in line with the implementation of feed-in-tariff (FIT) incentive scheme for renewable energy projects.

On top of the capacities already given “commerciality confirmation,” the energy department has emphasized that it is also reviewing the nomination and conversion of 22 more projects for 761.97MW aggregate capacity.

Referencing on the projects with certificates of commerciality, it can be gleaned that the total portfolio will already go beyond the next 450MW that shall be incentivized with the second wave solar FIT of P8.69 per kilowatt hour.

Based on DOE’s data, the seven solar projects that were already endorsed to the ERC for FIT availments have total capacity of 131.90MW.

That level also surpassed the initial 50MW cap for the higher solar FIT of P9.63 per kWh set in the first round.

Aside from solar, wind power development is also seen brisk with seven projects of 1,023.55MW capacity being anticipated for nomination.

Five more wind farm projects had so far been bequeathed with “commerciality confirmation;” while six projects with total 393.90MW capacity have already been endorsed to the industry regulator for FIT incentives’ availments.

At this point though, the real tight race is on solar – given the deemed oversubscription in project developments.

The energy department has prescribed mid-March next year as cut-off period for solar projects to reach commercial commissioning so they can be qualified in the second wave of the FIT race.