Electric coops shine in Lumens Awards

by Danessa O. Rivera – December 7, 2015 – 12:00am

from The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – Best performing electric cooperatives (ECs) bagged awards in the recent Lumens Award of the National Electrification Administration (NEA).

For the first time, Caraga was named as Best Region with best performing cooperatives along with perennial awardee, Region VII (Central Visayas).

Caraga is composed of Aneco, Aselco, Surneco, Siarelco, Dielco, Surseco I and Surseco II.

Meanwhile, Noreco I, Banelco, Cebeco I, Cebeco II, Cebeco III, Prosielco, Celco, Boheco I and Boheco II make up Region VII.

All member-ECs of these regions were rated as AAA and had demonstrated collective leadership and teamwork in their respective areas.

Region III (Central Luzon) was cited as the Most Improved Region because majority of its member-ECs have been able to improve their operations.

On the other hand, Cebeco III was granted the Emmanuel N. Pelaez Ultra Diamond EC Awardee, which also received six other awards. The award is the highest level of recognition given to an EC for performing beyond the performance standards and exceeding expectations.

Recipients of the Mega Diamond EC Awards were Cebeco I, Cebeco II, Boheco I, Moresco I and Dasureco. These ECs surpassed track record of exemplary performance, institutionalizing customer service excellence and strong corporate social responsibility that is emulated as EC best practices.

Grand Diamond EC Awardees were Pelco I, Penelco, Tarelco II and Siarelco for their unprecedented track record of exceptional performance in all facets of operations, and their continuing improvements and innovations.

Meanwhile, Dielco was given the Diamond EC Award for being an institution by itself and having sustained service excellence, consistent exemplary operational performance, strong corporate social responsibility and best practices.

Special Awards were given to 56 ECs which were rated AAA; 17 main grid and seven off grid ECs which registered single-digit system loss; and 15 ECs which posted 100 percent collection efficiency.

General managers Loliano Allas of Pelco I; Loreto A. Marcelino of Penelco; Marlou Rendon of Cebeco I; Sergio Dagooc of Siarelco; Julie Real of Moresco I; and Godofredo Guya of Dasureco meanwhile were conferred with the Pedro G. Dumol Diamond General Manager Award.

These GMs were cited for their untiring efforts and commitment to the Rural Electrification Program, consistent exemplary leadership qualities and achievements in managing “their respective cooperatives thereby leading these ECs to unsurpassed track record, serving as inspirations to others.”

“We commend all the awardees for their outstanding performance. More importantly, we recognize their efforts in going beyond their electrification duties,” Administrator Edita S. Bueno said.

The 2014 EC Overall Assessment Rating result has been the principal basis of the awards. Recipient of major awards were AAA ECs with no pending administrative and/or criminal/civil case with any competent body or court of law.

Citations were also awarded to ECs which contributed to the Sitio Electrification Program (SEP) and those contributed the highest number of household connections from 2011 to 2015; most complying ECs in Audit Evaluation; and Resilient ECs, an award for those which earned at least AA rating after the heavy devastation of their distribution system caused by Typhoon “Yolanda.”