Petilla hints at running for Senate seat in next year’s elections

by Lenie Lectura, 03 July 2015
from BusinessMirror

Former Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho L. Petilla on Friday strongly hinted at eyeing a seat in the Senate, a day after he step down from the agency.

“Siguro naman may magagawa ako sa Senado kung kakayanan lang gumawa ng batas. And, I understand various problems of this country that need legislation. Hindi naman siguro mapapahiya [sa] pamilya ko or people who believe in me,” he said after the turn-over ceremony.

Petilla on Friday morning passed the torch of leadership to Department of Energy (DOE) appointed Officer in Charge (OIC) Zenaida Monsada. When asked to categorically say if he is, indeed, running for higher office in 2016 Petilla said, “Pinag-iisipan pa at hindi madali magdecide sa mga bagay na ito.”

Nonetheless, Petilla said, “It is not an ambition. It’s a fight for people who believes there is room for a new breed.”

Petilla, who was appointed in 2012, resigned on April 30. He said his two-and-a-half years of leadership in the agency gave him the opportunity to serve the people and ensure the sustainability of the DOE’s existing programs and projects.

“Being at the DOE is one of the highlights of my life. I will never forget you all,” he said, addressing the DOE employees and officials.

“I will not leave the department without a leader to lead you and continue the efforts we started…these are our achievements and we need to preserve it even without me in the picture,” Petilla added.

For her part, Monsada thanked the DOE for their trust and confidence and asked their support as they continue serving the people.

Monsada have been part of the DOE for nearly three decades serving various positions such as director of the Oil Industry Management Bureau and recently as undersecretary for Power, Oil and Renewable Energy. “I humbly accept the task as OIC while the President is looking for a suitable replacement,” Monsada said. She vowed to continue and effectively implement the policies laid down by her predecessor.

“Wala naman siguro akong ipapatupad na bago. Tuloy tuloy lang. What we are looking at now is up to what extent and pwede gawin ng OIC,” Monsada added.

Monsada, a career official at the department, is Petilla’s pick as his replacement.

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