Govt selling Malaya plant

by Alena Mae S. Flores – July 31, 2016 at 11:52 pm

from Manila Standard Today

The Energy Department said it will proceed with the privatization of the 650-megawatt Malaya thermal power plant complex in Pililia, Rizal by 2018.

“For Malaya thermal, it’s targeted to be bid out by 2018…We’re looking at a scheme that despite its privatization, it will still be a security asset,” Energy Department spokesman Felix William Fuentebella said.

The Malaya thermal power plant is presently being used by the government as a security asset and is tasked to run when power supply is tight.

The department earlier designated Malaya power plant as a ‘must-run unit’ in order to address any instability or supply deficiency that may occur as a result of sudden unavailability of any of the operating power plants in the grid.

Malaya power plant is expected to continue operating as an MRU until its privatization schedule is finalized by the department.

Situated in Pililia town, Malaya plant  consists of a 300-MW unit with a once-through type boiler and a 350-MW unit fitted with a conventional boiler.

Meanwhile, Fuentebella said the department would consult with Congress on the privatization of Agus-Pulangi hydro complex in Mindanao, the government’s biggest remaining power asset in the region.

“Privatization of Agus-Pulangi will not be arbitrary. We will look at into a scheme that will benefit consumers,” he said.

Agus complex is composed of six hydro plants with a capacity of more than 700 MW. These include Agus I in Marawi City (80 MW), Agus II in Lanao del Sur (180 MW), Agus IV in Lanao del Norte (158.1 MW), Agus V (55 MW), Agus VI (200 MW) and Agus VII in Iligan City (54 MW).

Mindanao Development Authority wants the Agus-Pulangi hydro power complex to remain with government  instead of putting it in the hands of the private sector even as power supply in the region is slowly stabilizing.

MinDA pushed for the creation of the Mindanao Power Corp. to take over, manage and operate the Agus-Pulangi facilities.