Consumers asked to save power this year

By Manila Standard – January 01, 2019

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi asked consumers to embrace an energy efficient lifestyle this year.

Cusi said the department was promoting the ‘Save, Save, Save’ campaign for consumers to save more in 2019.

“E-Power Mo means we have that energy ability. Embracing an energy efficient lifestyle will make our families and our nation more prosperous,” Cusi said.

The energy chief listed several simple resolutions towards electricity and fuel efficiency to enable consumers to save on their consumption.“Let us welcome the new year with new perspective, new hopes and new ways in dealing with our daily activities in 2019,”

Cusi said.Cusi said consumers should practice turning off lights when not needed and unplugging unused electric appliances.

He said that unplugging your appliances avoids “phantom load” or the wasted energy for leaving appliances plugged but unused.

A CRT television (8 watts standby power) and its cable or digital box (8 watts standby power) as combined consume a total of 16 watts of phantom load or an equivalent of P57.60 worth of wasted electricity per month.

Cusi also urged consumers to shift to LED light to save at most 86 percent energy from incandescent bulb to LED or 50 percent savings from compact fluorescent lamp to LED.

He said that consumers could save about P96 for regularly cleaning the filters and condensers of a one-horsepower conventional aircon being operated for eight hours a day.

Consumers can also save by defrosting frozen food before cooking as it reduces LPG/electricity consumption.

Cusi said simply drying out clothes in the sun instead of spin dry or heated drying will save on electricity costs.

He said that in the transportation sector, one way to save fuel is by having correct tire pressure and checking and replacing air filters regularly.He said about 10 percent of fuel consumption can be saved by replacing clogged air filters. This would improve car’ gas mileage and help avoid impurities that are harmful to your engine.

Cusi said consumers could also save at least 10 percent in their monthly electricity bill if they audit or monitor the electricity consumption of each appliance/equipment.

Using more energy efficient appliances and gadgets will also save on electricity costs. Inverter air-conditioners can save 20 to 40 percent in energy consumption, or equivalent to P400 to P800 savings per month. For inverter refrigerators, savings can be up to 30 percent energy consumption or P240 per month, he said.