Petilla urges residents to support Albay co-op

by Alena Mae. S Flores, January 9, 2015
from Manila Standard Today

Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla urged electricity consumers in Albay province to support Albay Power and Energy Corp. of San Miguel Corp., the concessionaire of Albay Electric Cooperative, to address the challenges faced by the electric cooperative.

Petilla reminded consumers of Albay Electric of their responsibility to support and cooperate with their distribution utilities for their mutual benefit.

In an early referendum, Albay Electric member consumers voted for the private sector participation, with Apec eventually signing a concession agreement.

Petilla said “only through shared obligations shouldered by the consumers and DUs could there be progress and development in the electricity services.”

Petilla has been focusing his attention in assisting electric cooperatives to resolve their problems by allowing member-consumers decide through elections.

“The DoE will continue to monitor the situation and will maintain communication with the respective officials of the province and the Apec,” he said,

Petilla said San Miguel had already expressed frustration over the issues hounding the cooperative.

Some consumers have protested against San Miguel’s takeover of Albay Electric, with   the police alerted several times to intervene.

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