NGCP: Sustained improvement for 7th year

by Lenie LecturaSeptember 22, 2016

from Business Mirror

THE National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP) on Thursday reported a sustained improvement in its performance for the seventh straight year.

“The NGCP is pleased to report that from 2009 to the present, it has consistently complied with, if not exceeded, the performance targets set upon by Energy Regulatory Commission [ERC],” the NGCP said.

NGCP’s Frequency of Tripping (FOT) registered significant improvements in all major island grids in the country.

In Luzon grid, FOT decreased by 73 percent, from 4.265 in 2009 to 1.138 in 2016; the Visayas grid by 86 percent, from 3.6260 to 0.5168; and Mindanao grid by 67 percent, from 2.62 to 0.86.

FOT is a key performance indicator, which measures the number of times the high-voltage transmission lines tripped or experienced forced outages for every 100 circuit kilometers (ckm). Several system upgrades and facility expansions were implemented to improve System Availability (SA) ratings, which are recorded at 99.5702 percent for Luzon grid, 99.8013 percent for the Visayas grid and 99.732 percent for Mindanao grid, respectively, in 2016.

Luzon grid’s rating this year is higher compared to the 2015 figure of 99.4125 percent. The other grids maintained the same ratings posted last year.

SA ratings, as a performance indicator, measures the percentage of the entire transmission system available or operating normally during a given period.

The Congestion Availability Indicator (ConA), which measures the congestion experienced by lines identified as critical and whose loss would severely impact Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) operations, reached a positive rating of 99.7209 percent this year, from 99.583 percent in 2015.

All three grids also reported an almost 100-percent compliance with voltage and frequency limits. These limits are measured by the percentage of time during a given period that the system frequency or voltage is within the allowable limits.

The Luzon grid, particularly, reported 100-percent Frequency Limit Compliance (FLC) or no frequency violations for the 2015-2016 evaluation period.

The Visayas grid improved its FLC from 99.8603  percent last year to 99.8869 percent this year.

Mindanao grid remains stable, with FLC posted at 99.9934 percent in 2015 and 99.9739 percent this year.