Shift to RE saves Del Monte 20% off power costs

By Lenie Lectura – April 24, 2018
from Business Mirror

DEL Monte Philippines Inc. (DMPI) was able to reduce its electricity cost by 20 percent after it shifted to renewable energy (RE).

It said on Tuesday that  it has installed a waste-to-energy plant that produces methane gas from its cannery’s wastewater in Bugo, Cagayan de Oro, and generates 2.8 megawatts of electricity.

“This waste-to-energy facility takes over the job done by an equally eco-friendly but power-intensive aerobic treatment plant, hence reducing energy consumption. This plant reduces the energy cost of the company by approximately P40 million per year, over 20-percent cheaper than the grid,” the company said.

It also realized lower operating costs that improved its competitiveness and its ability to sustain profitability.

Also, the power plant serves as a buffer against unstable power supply, in times of power shortages, and as a shield against power-cost increases.

It noted the plant reduced emissions in compliance with the government’s Clean Air Act. While most manufacturing companies are carbon positive—meaning they emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than they absorb—the company said its carbon footprint is negative.

The waste-to-energy facility is an excellent model of sustainability from an environmental, economic, community and governance perspective, benefiting multiple stakeholders simultaneously, the DMPI said, adding it will continue to seek RE opportunities that are not only environment-friendly but also cost-efficient. DMPI is the largest producer of pineapples in the country and, in fact, its vast 25,000-hectare pineapple plantation and forest areas reduce the amount of carbon dioxide, offsetting any emissions in the atmosphere. DMPI, a leading manufacturer of food and beverages, is uniquely positioned among food companies to help mitigate climate change.