NGCP holds Luzon, VisMin summits to improve PHL transmission grid

By Lenie Lectura – November 27, 2018
from Business Mirror

THE National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP) has convened energy stakeholders to map out next year’s plans to further improve the country’s transmission grid.

With the theme “Strength in Harmony,” the recently concluded conference brought together energy stakeholders from the generation sector and regulating bodies, and discussed the power grid’s operational and performance highlights, the power situation outlook for the next calendar year, NGCP’s plans and programs, including recently completed projects, and other transmission grid connection and situational briefings.

“Every year, we bring together all our partners from the generation sector to see how we can further improve and create a seamlessly running system,” the NGCP said. “Our partners are important, as all of us in the power industry are advancing technologies and improving operations. Therefore, we always need to be on the same page for us to keep the grid in optimal condition, and to prove the strength of the Philippine power industry.”

The conference was held on October 23 in Quezon City for Luzon and on November 7 in Cebu for the Visayas and Mindanao.

Apart from the generators conference, NGCP also conducts an Annual Blackout Tabletop and Simulation Drill, which seeks to ready the grid and its customers during a potential blackout scenario, and Annual Grid Operations Mode Analysis Conference, to evaluate the impact of NGCP’s current and future projects, and external factors such as the growing power demand, to the country’s transmission grid.

“Our yearly events are in place to assess our yearly performance and to make sure that we have set all possible contingency plans in any given situation. These events are integral to our operations, and they give us an avenue to build better relationships and more open communication lines with our customers,” NGCP stated.

NGCP is a Filipino-led, privately owned company in charge of operating, maintaining and developing the country’s power grid, led by majority shareholders Henry Sy Jr. and Robert Coyiuto.