DOE weighs plant shutdown schedules

by Myrna Velasco – June 14, 2016

from Manila Bulletin

The Department of Energy (DOE) is strategizing on power plant shutdown schedules so the recurrent threats of “yellow alert” conditions can be addressed and not descend into unwanted rolling brownouts.

Energy Secretary Zenaida Y. Monsada told reporters that there had been strikes of “yellow alert” incidents due to forced

Under such state, the power grid of Luzon teetered on very thin reserves that if further technical glitches could be experienced in other plants, power interruptions could be triggered.outages in power plants from last weekend.

It is for this reason also that Bayan Representative Neri Colmenares had called on the incoming administration to prioritize resolving the issues of the power sector, noting that President-elect Rodrigo Duterte himself ‘experienced energy problems’ in his Mindanao domain.

As this developed, the energy department was expecting grid synchronization of the 460-megawatt Quezon power plant on Tuesday (June 14) from forced outage last June 11 (Saturday).

Monsada noted that if the Quezon power plant could revert back to operation as targeted, Luzon grid would be on safer ground supply-wise.

The other power plants that tripped had been one unit of the 1,200-megawatt Sual coal-fired power plant in Pangasinan; while the capacity of Calaca Unit-1 had been de-rated to 180MW.