Bacman geothermal plant Unit 3 now onstream after repair–EDC

by Lenie Lectura, 10 April 2015
from BusinessMirror

The Lopez-led Energy Development Corp. (EDC) on Friday said the repair of Unit 3 of the Bacman geothermal power plant has been completed.

EDC unit Bacman Geothermal Inc., which owns and operates the Bacman power facility, is already operating Unit 3 at 20 megawatts (MW) gross as of Wednesday following the completion of repair works.

The Bacman geothermal power plants in Bacon, Sorsogon and Manito, Albay, run at 130 MW, consisting of Unit 1 (55 MW), Unit 2 (60 MW) and Unit 3 (20 MW).

Unit 1 is now operating at its 55-MW rated capacity after it has completed the installation of a brand-new steam turbine. Last December EDC has placed Unit 1 on a 45-day planned outage to give way for the installation of a so-called permanent fix. The need to install a new turbine was necessary after the facility was damaged in 2013.

EDC also earlier reported that Unit 2 has put in an additional 5 MW of generating capacity. Unit 2 now operates at 60 MW. The increased capacity was a direct result of an upgraded Toshiba turbine design.

EDC remains the country’s leading producer of geothermal energy accounting for 62 percent of the country’s total installed geothermal capacity.

It acquired Bacman from the government auction block in 2010 for P1.28 billion.

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