Aragorn to conduct geothermal study

By Alena Mae S. Flores – January 13, 2019 at 08:15 pm

The Department of Energy allowed of Aragorn Power and Energy Corp. to conduct a grid impact study for its proposed 120-megawatt Kalinga geothermal power project in Pasil, Kalinga province.

This is the first project allowed by the agency this year to conduct a study on the impact of the Kalinga project to the grid.The DoE approved the conduct of the study on January 4.

The agency earlier declared the Kalinga geothermal plant as an energy project of national significance.The Energy Investment Coordinating Council through the DeE approved the application of APEC to declare the plant as an energy project of national significance.

APEC and partner Guidance Management Corp. owns the geothermal service contract in the province of Kalinga covering an area of around 26,000 hectares with an estimated power generation potential of between 120 MW and 200 MW.

The APC Group has investments in energy, mining and manpower outsourcing businesses and telecommunications.