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The burden on the Filipino consumers of high power charges will get worse as big business continues to be allowed to monopolize with unmitigated cross-ownerships and there is utter lack of true competition and safeguards for consumers in the power sector.

It is hoped that this blog can help unravel the very complex and intimidating power sector that is now dominated by cross-linked, and politically, financially, and media powerful, conglomerates and unholy alliances. The author aims to help consumers, community leaders, and government officials to understand the sector and its inner workings, the root causes of its problems and why it is working against the interest o f the consumers, to share perspectives and ideas on possible reforms, and to provide hope and inspiration to those who are in positions to make a difference and do something about it.

The author is an early practitioner in the independent power generation industry at its nascence in early 1990s and was a founder and one time president of the Philippine Independent Power Producers Assn (PIPPA), a name he coined. As a volunteer industry adviser to key legislators and energy family officials, he saw up close the writing of the Epira Law of 2001 and witnessed a fair amount of high powered lobbying and the tug of war and horse trading on various key provisions. As he retires from active participation in the generation sector, he would like, as his duty as a good Samaritan, to impart his perspective and ideas for reforms and do his part and hold his candle among the thousand points of light that would be needed to bring about change and fairness to consumers. That, pure and simple, is what drives and inspires this blog.

The power sector and the Epira Law had failed us. Your country is crying for urgent reforms. It is bad enough that we have allowed our own generation to be abused, our own countrymen to betray us, and our trusted leaders to fail to rise to our rescue. If we don’t do anything to try to change things, we will be consigning our own children and grandchildren to years of similar abuse as electricity consumers. That would be a sad form of unlove.

We cannot turn our backs on this nation-defining tragedy. The power sector investors and the Filipino consumers need each other. The relationship just needs to be two-way in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Not like now that it is too one-sided.

I hope this blog will enlighten you, arm you with knowledge and clearer path to change, empower and inspire you to act and help work in unity for change. All we want as electricity consumers is for the system to treat us with genuine respect and charge us fairly. It is not too late to tame the dragon.

If not us, who? If not now when?

David Celestra Tan

Meralco Consumer

Binangonan, Rizal

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