ERC allows DMCI Power to build connector facilities in Palawan

By Lenie Lectura – March 15, 2019
from Business Mirror

DMCI Power Corp. (DPC) successfully sought regulatory approval to construct and operate point-to-point facilities worth P20.92 million that will connect its bunker-fired power plant in Palawan to the Palawan main grid of the National Power Corp. (NPC).

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), in its 33-page decision, authorized DPC to develop and own dedicated point-to-point limited facility to connect the 2 x 4.95-megawatt (MW) bunker-fired power plant to the Palawan Small Grid of the NPC-Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG), subject to conditions.

One, the NPC-SPUG or Palawan Electric Cooperative Inc. (Paleco), should operate and maintain the facilities to ensure and maintain the reliability, security and integrity of the Palawan small grid.

Also, DPC must execute an undertaking that it will turn over to NPC-SPUG or Paleco those assets not considered dedicated point-to-point limited transmission facilities or perform small grid function. Thus, NPC-SPUG shall pay DPC.

DPC was also asked to pay the ERC a permit fee of P357,287.63.

DPC, in its application, proposed to transmit its generated power to the NPC-SPUG via a  cut-in connection to the NPC-SPUG Narra-Irawan 69 kiloVolt line, and through the construction and installation of the dedicated point-to-point limited transmission facilities.