RLC invests in solar power for malls

by James Loyola, 06 March 2015
from Manila Bulletin

Puerto Princesa City-Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) is embarking on a renewable energy program that will install off-grid rooftop solar PV (photo voltaic) panels on all feasible malls nationwide to make a strong stand in helping preserve the environment.

To jumpstart the program, RLC has switched on 4,700 solar panels in Robinsons Place Palawan, making it the biggest off-grid rooftop solar power system investment in the country.

RLC has engaged Solar Philippines Commercial Rooftop Projects, Inc. as EPC contractor to design, install, procure, construct and commission the solar PV system for Robinsons Place Palawan.

According to RLC President Frederick D. Go. “this will not only aid in addressing the looming power shortage by reducing energy consumption from the grid but will also serve as the company’s noble contribution to be part of the global solution to avert global warming and lessen our country’s dependence on imported fossil fuel through the development of clean and green energy.”

Go said plans are also underway for the development of similar facilities for RLC’s malls in Dumaguete, Roxas and Iloilo targeted for completion in mid 2015.

Conscious of the environmental needs of the community, Go said they chose to start with Robinsons Place Palawan because of the need to help protect Palawan’s natural beauty and fragile ecosystem which have made it the Philippine’s top eco-tourism destination.

“This is our contribution as a member of the Palaweño community which is always conscious about taking care of the environment,” said Go.

He noted that, “what is good about solar power, weather permitting, is that the peak energy production coincides with the mall’s peak load during the day thus further relieving the burden on the local electric cooperative during peak hours.”

With its peak capacity of 1.2 megawatts, the solar power system can provide half of the mall’s electricity consumption during the peak hours of 12 noon to 2 in the afternoon, thus taking a huge load off the grid.

“This is RLC’s contribution to the country to help ease the shortage of electricity,” said Go.

Go said RLC has already bidded out the project for the installation of solar panels for its malls in Dumaguete, Roxas and Iloilo and expects to complete the project in these malls by June 2015. Installation will take three to four months to complete.

He explained that they are starting with the malls that are located in cities where electricity costs are highest.

Go said all future malls of RLC will also be designed with solar panels in mind so that roofing structures, where the solar panels are mounted, will be so oriented that will allow them to optimally harness power from the sun. In this way, RLC strengthens its commitment to be part of the solution to global warming.