Electric coops obtain P114-M assistance package

by Danessa O. Rivera – December 14, 2015 – 12:00am

from The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded several electric cooperatives (ECs) financial assistance amounting to P114 million as part of efforts to provide power to more households nationwide.

The agency said the grant is part of the Nationwide Intensification of Household Electrification (NIHE) program.

The money was disbursed to 22 ECs in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao covering a total of 30,512 households.

These ECs include Biselco, Iselco I, Panelco III, Quezelco II and Romeclo in Luzon, Banelco, Bileco, Boheco II, Esamelco, Dorelco, Leyeco II, III, IV and V, Cevo in Visayas, Cotelco (main), Daneco, Moresco I, Samelco II, Sukelco, Suleco, and Zamsureco II in Mindanao.

This program is in support of the government’s Total Electrification Program which aims to promote the benefits of electricity to uplift the economic well-being of people especially in rural and remote areas.

The program also aims to encourage all ECs to undertake a more detailed household electrification program to establish a long-term holistic electrification plan.

“This program cements the partnership of the DOE and electric cooperatives to support the government’s goal of total electrification of the country,” Energy Secretary Zenaida Y. Monsada said.

Under the NIHE, the DOE targets to provide power to at least 45,000 households for 2015-2017 to reach its 90 percent household electrification goals by 2017.