Epower to rehab mini hydro plant in Aurora

by Lenie Lectura – February 3, 2016

from Business Mirror

EPOWER Technologies Corp. will rehabilitate the 768- kilowatt San Luis mini-hydropower plant to increase the power facility’s capacity factor to 54 percent from 20 percent.

In a statement, Epower signed with the San Luis municipal government in Aurora a 30-year contractual joint-venture agreement for the rehabilitation, operation and maintenance of the power plant. The local government would still retain ownership of the plant.

The project cost is P85 million, which includes plant rehabilitation, detailed engineering design and study, original project-loan payment, development-assistance cost and plant preoperational cost.

“We are very grateful with the opportunity to work with the municipality of San Luis for us to maintain this hydro project. By increasing the capacity factor, the plant will be able to deliver more power to the communities served by the facility,” said Jose Silvestre M. Natividad, Epower president.

The 768-kw San Luis mini-hydropower plant in Ditumabo, San Luis, Aurora, has been granted a Renewable Energy Hydropower Service Contract by the Department of Energy.

The project is seen to create job opportunities for the local community during rehabilitation works and during the plant’s actual operation and management.