SN Aboitiz’s Binga plant gets amended COC

by Myrna Velasco, 18 April 2015
from Manila Bulletin

An amended certificate of compliance (COC) has been granted to the Binga hydroelectric plant so its increased capacity following completion of its rehabilitation can be legally covered.

Plant owner and operator SN Aboitiz Inc., in a statement to the media, has stipulated that “the amendments (in the COC) reflects the increase of Binga hydroelectric power plant’s capacity from 125.8 megawatts to 140MW.”

The CoC that effectively gives the go-signal for the plant’s operation at an uprated capacity will be for five years – or from March 12, 2012 to March 12, 2017.

Previously, it was noted that the capacity of each of the four units of the Binga plant had been 31.45MW, but that had been uprated to 35MW each following the completion of its rehabilitation.

“The uprating was a result of commissioning tests that showed the Binga hydroelectric power plant could generate as high as 35MW at ‘rated head’ or the water depth for which a hydroelectric generator and turbines were designed,” the company said.

It further explained that the Binga plant “was uprated to its maximum capacity without changing technically much of the existing equipment.”

The hydro facility’s economic life has been assessed to span about 48 years. The plant is now technically past its mid-life cycle, but the post-privatization owners are counting on it to be operating still for many years.


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