Old plants supply 80% of power in Luzon

By Jordeene B. Lagare – May 14, 2019
from The Manila Times

THE Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) said almost 80 percent of electricity generated in Luzon comes from aging power plants or those built about two decades ago.

In a roundtable discussion on Friday, ERC spokesman Florensida Digal said power plants in existence for 16 years and above constitute 72 percent of all facilities in the region.

Some 29.8 percent of all plants in operations have been supplying power for 16-20 years while 23.84 percent of facilities have been running for 21-25 years.

Those providing electricity for less than five years comprise 15.69 percent of the total number; while those in operation for 30 years and above form 15.02 percent; six to 10 years, 9.08 percent; 26-30 years, 3.06 percent; and 11-15 years, 2.59 percent.

The ERC presented the data amid the supply deficiency that struck the region over the past few months.

For this year, the National Grid Corp. (NGCP) issued red alert notice once and yellow alert notice four times in the Luzon grid as certain power plants were on unscheduled shutdown or running at a limited capacity.

The country’s grid operator first hoisted yellow alert notice on March 5 and then red alert notice on April 10.