DOE defends circular on net-metering plan

By Alena Mae S. Flores – December 13, 2019 at 10:00 pm

The Department of Energy on Friday defended its draft circular on net-metering but vowed to study the concerns raised by the Energy Regulatory Commission.

ERC called the attention of DOE early this week regarding the possible legal impediments and cost implications to its draft circular on net-metering.

“The Net Metering Program (NMP) is an important empowerment option for our consumers which Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi seeks to expand. Hence, the comments of the ERC on the DOE’s proposed Net Metering Policy are well-taken and highly regarded,” the DOE said.

Under the net-metering program, an ordinary electricity consumer can become a “prosumer” that can generate electricity for its own consumption while any excess generation can be sold to the distribution grid.

ERC wrote a letter to DOE expressing its views on the draft department circular entitled, “Policies to Enhance the Net-Metering Program for Renewable Energy Systems and Other Mechanisms to Ensure Energy Security.”

ERC said the net-metering rules should be made applicable to all types of renewable energy resource and not just focused on a certain type of technology or resource.