NGCP yet to repair transmission facility servicing to Agus plant

by Myrna Velasco – January 18, 2016

from Manila Bulletin

As valuation issues remain unresolved with the landowner, the repair of a transmission facility underpinning the operation of Agus plant generating units still drags.

In the latest advisory to media, system operator National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) indicated that it was still “denied access to tower 25 by the landowners who demand payment from TransCo (National Transmission Corporation) of their decades old claim.”

The company added “the dispute remains unresolved to this day.” The landowner is of the Sambitori family.

NGCP reiterated “Tower 25 located in Ramain, Lanao del Norte, was bombed December 24, 2015 and still remains unrepaired as NGCP awaits the resolution of the ROW issues between landowner Sambitori and government-owned TransCo.”

Tower 25 is linked to the Agus 2-Kibawe transmission line that supports the operations of Agus 1 and 2 hydro generating facilities of the National Power Corporation.

The impeded access of NGCP for the tower’s repair had isolated that portion of the Agus hydropower complex for some time already, hence, worsening the power interruptions dilemma of Mindanao grid.

The concerned landowner is taking an adamant stance despite an earlier directive of President Benigno S. Aquino III that Malacanang will form a task force primarily to address the zonal valuation issues relating to the ROW problems affecting power transmission facilities.

On a brighter note, NGCP reported that it already completed over the weekend the repair of bombed tower #63 along the Kabacan-Sultan Kudarat 138-kilovolt line.

“Repair fortunately proceeded unhindered as NGCP encountered no resistance from landowners,” the transmission firm said.

The tower was downed just last week because of continued bombing acts orchestrated by lawless elements.

Even at this time, NGCP is repeatedly appealing to the public and all relevant stakeholders “to help monitor the safety of the towers so that transmission services remain uninterrupted.”