Coal still dominant source of electricity

by Lenie Lectura – March 18, 2016

from Business Mirror

THE country’s total installed and dependable capacity in 2015 slightly increased to 18,695 megawatts (MW) and 16,451 MW, respectively, owing to the entry of new power plants that added 751 MW to the installed capacity and 818 MW in dependable capacity, Department of Energy (DOE) records show.

Installed capacity in Luzon totaled to 13,598 MW, or 72.7 percent of the total installed capacity, mix followed by the Visayas with 2,683 MW, or 14.4 percent. Mindanao has 2,414 MW, or 12.9 percent.

In terms of dependable capacity, 12,179 MW, or 74 percent, is accredited to Luzon grid; 2,228 MW, or 13.5 percent, is in the Visayas; and 2,044 MW, or 12.4 percent, is in Mindanao.

In Luzon new plants were commercially operational, such as the 135-MW SLTEC Puting Bato coal plant, the 13.2-MW Sabangon Hydroelectric Plant; the 20-MW Isabela bagasse-fired power plant; the 13-MW Bataan Rice Husk Cogeneration Plant; the 10-MW Pampanga solar power plant; the 4-MW Burgos solar power plant; the 13.2-MW Pampanga solar plant; and the 54-MW Pililia wind project.

In the Visayas the power plants that were completed in 2015 include the 83.7-MW Toledo power plant expansion; the 46-MW URC bagasse-fired cogeneration power plant; the 8-MW HPco bagasse power plant; the 3-MW VMC bagasse plant; the 30-MW Soleq solar plant; the 23-MW Sacasol 1 solar power plant; and the 36-MW Nabas wind power plant.

In Mindanao power plants that went online last year are the 150-MW Therma South coal plant; the 20.9-MW Peak Power Socsargen diesel plant; the 5.2-MW Peak Power San Francisco diesel plant; 12.5-MW Kirahon solar power plant; and the 6.2-MW Centralla solar power plant. The data also indicate that coal power plants captured bulk of the installed capacity in the country at 5,893 MW, that is equivalent to 31 percent.

Oil followed at 3,610 MW (19.3 percent), hydro at 3,600 MW (19.3 percent), natural gas at 2,862 MW (15.3 percent), geothermal at 1,917 MW (10.3 percent), wind at 427 MW (2.3 percent), biomass at 221 MW (1.2 percent) and solar at 165 MW (0.9 percent). Coal is dominant in the Luzon and the Visayas grids.

In Luzon coal-fired plants make up 4,742 MW, or 34.9 percent of installed capacity. In the Visayas the installed capacity of coal stood at 769 MW, or 28.7 percent.