Wind mills in Aklan set to start operations

by Alena Mae S. Flores, 21 April 2015
form Manila Standard Today

NABAS, Aklan—PetroWind Energy Inc. said it expects to start the commercial operations of the first phase of the Nabas wind project, adding 36 megawatts to the Visayas power grid by the middle of the year.

PetroWind vice president Francisco Delfin Jr. told reporters commissioning of the project had already started, with an initial eight turbines delivering power to the Visayas grid since March 24.

“Then starting [Wednesday] and up to the end of May, one by one, the remaining 10 turbines will be commissioned and will be connected and dispatching power to the grid,” Delfin said.

“As each turbine is connected to the substation, we will put them online for a two-month testing,” he said.

Each turbine, 78 meters in height, has a capacity of 2 MW. Gameza of Spain supplied and erected the wind turbines on a mountainous area in Nabas and Malay towns.

“We expect this to be done by late June or early July,” Delfin said.

The project, however, has yet to receive its certificate of compliance from the Energy Regulatory Commission it to avail of the feed-in tariff of  P8.53 per kilowatt-hour.

“Last Friday, we received DoE nomination for FIT eligibility that we are 80-percent electro-mechanically completed,” he said.

National Grid Corporation of the Philippines earlier issued of a provisional certificate of approval to connect the wind project to generate power for purposes of testing and commissioning.

PetroWind is currently developing the 36-MW phase one of the Nabas wind power project.  A possible 14-MW expansion is subject to regulatory approval.

PetroWind is owned by listed PetroEnergy Resources Corp. through wholly-owned subsidiary  PetroGreen Energy Corp. (with 40 percent), Singapore-based CapAsia Asean Wind Holdings Cooperatief U.V. (40 percent) and EEI Power Corp. (20 percent).

The dispatch of power to the grid on March 24 was made from the first batch of wind generators consisting of the eight generators with a gross capacity of 16 MW.

PetroWind président Milagros Reyes said the first dispatch of power to the Visayas grid was a big milestone for the company and Aklan province.

“This is the first export of power from the province of Aklan that is sourced from renewable energy. Thus far, the Nabas wind power project is the single investment in renewable energy in Aklan province that has been able to successfully dispatch power to the grid,” Reyes said.

She said the timing of the dispatch of power was perfect “considering that this is the season when power demand is highest in the Panay area.”