NGCP improves Luzon power grid

By Butch Aquino – November 27, 2019 at 07:00 pm

Balanga City—National Grid Corporation of the Philippines vows to improve the power transmission highways where reliable and sustainable power flows from generating plants to distribution utilities, industries, businesses and households.

Tasked with operating, maintaining and expanding the power grid, NGCP said it is dedicated to improving the country’s transmission network.

NGCP which strives to become the strongest power grid in Southeast Asia so far invested P151 billion in the aging transmission system.

It said that over the past 10 years, it installed 5,626 transmission structures, 2,472 circuit-kilometers of transmission lines, 18 new substations, 63 upgraded substations and an additional 15,634 MVA of transformer capacity.

The company completed 109 projects which include the Lumban-Bay 230kV Transmission Line Project which provided maximum dispatch of power plants from South Luzon to the Load Center; the San Esteban-Laoag 230kV Transmission Line Project which accommodated the renewal energy power plants in Northern Luzon; and the Luzon Voltage Improvement Projects which provided additional megavolt ampere reactive capacity to improve power quality.