Aggreko services provide solutions to power shortage in PHL

by Lenie Lectura – April 21, 2016

from Business Mirror

AGGREKO Energy Rental Solutions Inc., a UK-based provider of modular power solutions, said on Thursday the technology and services it offers provide urgent solutions to power shortage fit for the country.

“The Philippines is now hailed as one of the best economies in Asia, but one of the main areas the country needs to improve on is in providing fast and reliable power to industry and consumers,” said Maximino Montenegro, Aggreko country manager.

Aggreko provides power-generation and temperature-control solutions.

The company said it is working with utilities and industrial companies in the country to assist them secure reliable power supply during these critical summer months, when demand for power is at its peak.

It also said the success of the upcoming national elections next month depends heavily on the provision of reliable electricity.

With its track record both globally and locally, the company helps to address the looming power demand-supply gap in the Visayas as well as the persistent power-supply challenges being felt in Mindanao.

“We have also been fully supportive of the country’s strong thrust in developing renewable-energy sources by collaborating with proponents of solar, biomass, hydro and wind power to enhance system reliability either through the provision ancillary support or integrating Aggreko technology into a hybrid system with the renewables,’’ Montenegro said.

Currently, Aggreko plays an important role in alleviating the power shortage in certain areas in Mindanao, with a combined installed capacity of 37 megawatts (MW) serving the franchise areas of Cagayan Electric Power and Light Inc. (Cepalco), South Cotabato 1 Electric Cooperative (Socoteco 1) and Davao del Sur Electric Cooperative Inc. (Dasureco), with ongoing discussion for potential capacity expansions in these and other areas.

“Today we have around 50 MW installed in several locations in the Philippines which provide power that serves electric cooperatives, independent power producers, mining and other industries,” Montenegro said.

Aggreko’s power plants run on diesel, heavy fuel oil (HFO) and gas, which can be operational in weeks after order, including delivery and installation. The company said it could help the country address the thinning supply of power reserves brought about by rising demand for electricity. Reliable power, it said, is also necessary during the May 9 elections. Lenie Lectura

In Luzon, it said, the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP) recently declared red alert after some hydropower units and the state-owned Malaya oil thermal have reduced their capacities. From an output of 350 MW, power had been reduced to 130 MW with Ambuklao unit three and Kalayaan units three and four going offline.

It has been reported that brownouts lasting up to 8 hours have persisted in many parts of vote-rich Mindanao, home to 12.5 million voters.

In Davao, the supply deficit has reached an average of 100 MW, which translates to at least two hours of brownouts daily. Businessmen have been complaining of heavy losses resulting from power failure.