Yellow power alert in Luzon continues

by Lenie LecturaJune 14, 2016

from Business Mirror

TWO power plants in Luzon are still on shutdown, prompting the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP) to issue a yellow alert in the Luzon grid.

“At 1227H [12:27 p.m.], Luzon grid was put on yellow alert from 1301H [1:01 p.m.] to 1500H [3 p.m.] due to insufficient operating reserve brought by the outage of Sual 1 and QPPL [Quezon Power Philippines] and high system-demand forecast,” Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) Spokesman Joe Zaldarriaga said in
an interview when sought for an update.

Zaldariaga said Meralco has advised Interruptible Load Program participants to prepare and be on standby in case Manual Load Dropping needs to be implemented.

A yellow alert is issued by the power-grid operator, NGCP, when contingency reserve is less than the capacity of the largest synchronized unit of the grid. In Luzon this is equivalent to 647 megawatt, or one unit of the Sual power plant.

On Monday at least 1,887 mW of power have been shaved off from the Luzon grid after four power plants went on forced shutdown.

Separately, NGCP said on Tuesday that the yellow alert took effect from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“This was due to insufficient contingency reserves brought about by an adjusted higher demand forecast,” the grid operator said, when sought for comment.

The power outlook for the grid as of 1 p.m. stated that Luzon would have an available capacity of 9,921 mW as against a peak demand of 9,115 MW. This leaves 806 mW in power reserve.

Zaldarriaga said some 647 mW of power was not delivered to the grid by Sual 1 and about 460 mW for QPPL.

Sual 1 and QPPL were among the power plants that suddenly conked out on Monday. The other two are Calaca 1 (480 mW) and GN Power (300 mW).

Team Energy, which operates the 1,200-mW Sual power facility, said Unit 1 went offline at 11:58 a.m. on Monday owing to boiler tube leak.

Meanwhile, Calaca 1 went on forced shutdown owing to a problem with the primary fan.