NGCP allots P2-billion subsidy for Napocor-Spug this year

by Lenie Lectura, 04 March 2015
from BusinessMirror

The national government is setting aside P2 billion to subsidize the National Power Corp.-Small Power Utilities Group (Napocor-Spug) this year.

The Napocor-Spug is mandated by the law to undertake the electrification of areas not connected to the main transmission grid, also referred to as missionary areas. Government data showed that P1.967 billion shall be used exclusively for the capital outlay requirements of SPUG.

The Napocor-Spug wants to expand its missionary function in other nonelectrified island/isolated villages throughout the country with emphasis on the use of renewable energy whenever feasible.

It has been providing electric service to 770,862 households in 231 areas nationwide through the operation of 116 land-based diesel power plants, nine power barges, 17 mini-grids, 154 micro grids, one grid-connected wind plant and one mini-hydro plant.

The remaining P32.526 million shall be used by Napocor “to limit BNPP’s [Bataan Nuclear Power Plant] activities to the barest essential.”

The Napocor currently maintains the mothballed nuclear facility pending directive from the energy department if it will privatize or revive the facility.


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