Quezon to be most ‘powerful’ province

by Alena Mae S. Flores, January 19, 2015
from Manila Standard Today

LUCENA CITY—Quezon will become the most “powerful” province over the next five years, with about 5,000 megawatts of power generation capacity by 2019, Governor David Suarez said.


“By 2019, Quezon province will be the most powerful province,” Suarez said, referring to the number new power plants that would be operating in the province.

Quezon, which currently hosts two coal plants with a combined capacity of 1,195 MW, received proposals of expansion projects and new power generation facilities.

Suarez told reporters the expansion of existing power plants and construction of new projects would boost total power capacity in the province to 5,000 by 2019.

The province currently hosts the 735-MW Pagbilao coal plant, which is expanding by another 400 MW.  The existing Pagbilao coal plant is operated by TeaM Energy Philippines while the expansion called Pagbilao 3 is jointly owned by TeaM Energy and Aboitiz Power Corp.

The province also hosts the 460-MW Mauban coal plant owned by Quezon Power Philippines Ltd. The plant is adding 460 MW under San Buenaventura  Power Ltd Co., which is majority controlled by Meralco PowerGen Corp.

Suarez said other projects in the line up were the 1,200-MW coal plant in Atimonan also owned by Meralco PowerGen., the power generation arm of Manila Electric Co.

Meralco PowerGen originally planned a 1,200-MW liquefied natural gas project but decided to shift to coal.

Suarez said around 600 MW would also come from the LNG project of Energy World Corp. of Australia.

“EWC, by second quarter, they should be running on test capacity.  Last I heard, they will pick up around 400 MW,” he said.

Suarez said coal-fired power plants were “not an issue as long as they conform and follow with the strictest international standards.”

He said new technologies such as clean coal technologies would address the concerns of environmentalists.  Suarez said the new projects were nearing approval, most likely this year.

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