Investors seek ‘technology specific’ bid round for RE

By Myrna M. Velasco –  July 30, 2017, 10:01 PM

from Manila Bulletin

Renewable energy (RE) investors are advancing proposals to government that the bid round to be undertaken within the ambit of Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) be done on technology-specific scheme.

In a recent energy forum, PHINMA Renewable Energy Corporation Vice President Danilo L. Panes has articulated that the auction system be done on a per-technology basis; as different RE technologies cannot viably compete against each other.

Wind in particular, he explained, “cannot compete with solar” because they have distinctive generation characteristics, hence, that concern must be addressed in the bidding parameters that must be concretized under the RPS.

Panes stressed “it should be wind versus wind; and solar versus solar especially if this is for RPS compliance.”

At this stage, RE developers are already amenable of the shifting business case wherein variable renewable energy technology, primarily wind and solar, will no longer be underpinned by fresh round of feed-in-tariff incentives.

The PHINMA Energy executive further noted that the RPS is being awaited as an incentive, “because it provides market for renewable energy.”

Fresh batch of wind power installations rounding up to 628.95-megawatt capacity have been awaiting “investment sweetener” under the RPS Rules currently being drafted by the National Renewable Energy Board.

Of these, 307.40MW are targeted brownfield developments that already have certificates of commerciality (CoCs) issued by the Department of Energy (DoE) as of June 30, 2016.

These proposed ventures include the 48MW Pasuquin wind power project; 80.40MW Mt Sembrano Power Project; 45MW Balaoi wind project and 84MW Pagudpud wind project in Luzon; and the 50MW Pulupandan wind venture in the Visayas.

The balance of 321.55MW had still been in process with their respective COC applications with the government.

The targeted projects under this phase have been the: 51.30MW Mt. Redondo; 50MW Sta Rita wind power; and 71.25MW Mt Bernacci power project in Luzon.

The rest would be the 25MW Aklan 1 wind venture; proposed 40MW Sibunag; 84MW TanJay wind; and the planned Cebu wind power installation of which capacity is still up for determination.