Bataan leaders push for construction of P22.5-B waste-to-energy plant

by Mar T. Supnad, Jnauary 5, 2015
from Manila Bulletin

Orion, Bataan – A plan to put up a P22.5-billion ($500-million) waste-to-energy plant in this town was bared by Bataan Gov. Abet Garcia and Orion Mayor Tonypep Raymundo.

The plant is expected to generate thousands of jobs as the company that was eyeing to put up the facility has already set up office here and was already rushing the completion of documents required for its proposed construction.

“In fact, the  company officials have been securing the required documents and permits for its construction and had already transferred their local office here from Cebu,” Raymundo told the Manila Bulletin.

Earlier, Garcia, Raymundo, and Mayors Jesse Concepcion of Mariveles and Ver Roque of Limay went to Seoul, South Korea to talk to the company officials and  see for themselves the actual operation of an existing high- tech power plant.

“I think it is just a matter of time for the company to set up their company here and we are also very supportive to hasten the construction of the plant,” said Raymundo.

Garcia said the provincial government was eyeing this South Korean technology to solve the waste problem that can also convert the garbage into energy.

Garcia expressed optimism that the state-of –the-art garbage technology will do away with the more costly and unsafe landfill project, underscoring that the new plant would offer a cheaper and safer way of disposing waste.

The young governor pointed out that   this new technology, widely adopted in South Korea and Japan, would suitable to Bataan where various multi-national companies are operating.

Earlier, Victor Lee, vice president of Philippine Recycle Green Energy, told newsmen that the proposed waste to energy plant would derive its fuel from solid waste collected from households, commercial establishments, and industrial firms in the 11 towns including four industrial zones, and this city.

Lee noted the political leaders’ desire to improve the sanitation and garbage collections with the installation of the state of the art recycling facility in the province, adding the waste recycling facility is the first of its kind to be established in the country and perhaps in Southeast Asia countries.