SCPC’s power unit posts load capacity of 250MW

By Lenie Lectura – March 19, 2018
from Business Mirror

SEM-Calaca Power Corp. (SCPC), a subsidiary of Semirara Mining and Power Corp., said one of its power units registered a load capacity of 250 megawatts (MW) following its synchronization to the grid last week.

The company said on Monday that its Unit 1 synchronized to grid on March 17. By Monday, its average load capacity is at 250 MW.

SCPC owns the 600-MW Calaca coal-fired power plant in Batangas. Units 1 and 2, each 300 MW, were commissioned in 1984 and 1995, respectively. The power facility was bought from the government in July 2009 for $361 million.

SCPC showed improved generation, up by 21 percent to 3,515 gigawatthours in 2017, from 2,905 GWh in 2016. Unit 1 recorded an average capacity of 257 MW compared to just 180 MW in 2016.

SCPC contributed P4.55 billion to the parent firm’s net income in 2017.

The other two businesses—coal and Southwest Luzon Power Generation Corp. (SLPGC) contributed P6.08 billion and P3.74 billion, respectively, to SMPC’s P14.14 billion net income in 2017.

SMPC is earmarking a capital expenditure of P13 billion this year up. Of the amount, P7 billion would go to the company’s subsidiaries—SCPC and SLPGC.

Of the P7 billion, roughly P4.7 billion will be spent to extend the life of conventional power plants and P2.3 billion to fund the regular maintenance of SCPC and SLPGC.

The remaining P6 billion will be used to acquire dump trucks, excavators and other support equipment for its advanced stripping operations.