15 Things I have in Common with Mr. MVP of Meralco

Posted on: May 31, 2017

David Celestra Tan, MSK
31 May 2017

We have been engaged in consumer advocacy against Meralco’s rate setting for a few years. I just started wondering what I have in common with Mr. MVP of Meralco. It turned out there is quite a few!

  1. We both have interest in how much Meralco is charging the captive electric consumers. I want it lower. He wants it higher.
  2. I also think about lawyers when arguing the issues at the ERC. I wish I can afford one. He thinks how many more he needs.
  3. We both did business with Indonesians in Hong Kong and San Francisco in our careers.
  4. I also had bum business deals early in my career.
  5. I also negotiated with bums in my career.
  6. We are both engaged in public service except he makes money and I don’t.
  7. We both think in billions. He on what to do with his. Me on how to get them refunded by Meralco.
  8. He owns Smart. My Smart phone owns me for two years.
  9. He flies his relatives to vacation in Hong Kong. My relatives fly me to HongKong and make me clean their condo.
  10. We both have a closet full of well tailored suits and a collection of neckties. He still wears his.I now only wear comfy shirts, denims, and skechers.
  11. He is laughing all the way to the bank. I am praying all the way to the bank.
  12. We are both looking for successors. He to run his empire. Me to take over paying my debts!
  13. We will soon both spend time watching the gorgeous sunset in Manila Bay. He from his Roxas Blvd penthouse and me from a Luneta Park bench.
  14. He knows Ramon Ang. Ramon Ang does not know me. But three of us actually have a monthly ritual. Meralco shocks me with its electric bill every month which then drives me to drink more San Miguel beer out of depression! Do you think these two are conspiring?
  15. I am also not interested in dating women!

Just fiddling our fingers while waiting for word from ERC on our PBR petition.

I hope you are enjoying your summer! Cheers!

David Celestra Tan, MSK


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